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Consultant in the field of Payment Fraud Prevention

IBS (www.ibs.bg) integrates and distributes innovative real-time systems for transaction monitoring and fraud detection in electronic payments.
Our customers are large banks and financial service providers in Bulgaria and throughout the world. They use the IBM Safer Payments software to prevent and combat fraud and control risk for all types of payments, such as debit or credit card payments, online banking, Internet or mobile payments.

To strengthen our professional services team in financial crimes prevention we are looking for a Consultant in the field of Transaction Monitoring and Payment Fraud Prevention.

Why should I consider a career in Financial Crime or Fraud Prevention? In such a dynamic world where digital payments become more and more popular and meanwhile fraudsters are getting smarter and better, there is a new challenge in the fight against fraud every day. If you are not afraid to act as a front line defence against fraud loss in a constantly changing and challenging environment there are endless opportunities for you in this field.

What will I do? Project management from design to implementation; Train and support our customers; Prepare training material and product documentation; Analysis of huge amounts of payment transaction data; Creation and optimization of fraud detection model; Creating reports, summaries, presentations and process documents to display results will also be part of your responsibilities.

Am I a good fit? If you’ve got at least 2 years of experience in fraud prevention for card based payments or other payment methods would be beneficial, Degree in a technical or natural science field such as mathematics, computer science, physics, or engineering, Attention to detail, exceptional analytical, logical and problem solving skills, Background in data mining, Open minded team player with excellent communication skills, you will be the perfect fit to our team.

What’s in it for me? A career as Consultant in Payment fraud prevention is worth exploring if you’re looking for a work diversity, flexible environment, personal challenge and continuous skills development. You will get professional education to speed up your career track and improve your skills in different areas of fraud prevention and risk management. 

Last but not least, you will be a part of our “making your day” team, with all the fun and challenges.

Our job is not only to bring each project to a success but to go the extra mile with our customers. Too often we tend to take projects that others might consider impossible. But we are IBS, we simply do more.

If you want to write your own story in our history contact us at careers@ibs.bg or submit your resume here.

About IBS

IBS (www.ibs.bg) is an IT Consulting, Systems Integrator and Software Development company founded in Bulgaria. We are servicing the best businesses and government agencies since 2003. We believe that digital data and technologies are changing the way we live, and work and we are proud to lead this transformation for our customers.